Ship quality secure products at Agile speed.

Managed agile security for development organisations that build products with demanding security needs.

I am the new member on your team.

I have over 100 years of software security experience, reviewed millions of lines of code, dealed with any security flaw you can think off and helped to secure thousands of mission critical applications. And not to forget, I have seen tons of beautifully secure code too.

From all this experience I recognice flaws fast and know how to fix them. It's my passion to support your team and continuously guard the security quality of the things you build. So you can fully focus on shipping awesome features to your clients, fast but responsibly.



I make security testing agile by bringing it inline with your sprints. Not just once a year.


I prevent and identify security defects early when they are 20x cheaper to fix.

In control

I make the security proces visible and verifyable for stakeholders (compliance).


I provide real-time insight in the security quality of your product and drive decisions.


I make you team even security smarter, through tailored and positive awareness.


I am a team of seasoned applications security experts. Not just a silly tool.

I love to tell you more about the Inline approach to Agile security.

Let's grab a coffee.